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Wassailing - its a village thing

I love the mix of old and new.

...the past and the future. I think that's where the idea for the Little Blue Bay stems from. Beautiful vintage vehicles with a history all of their own, transporting Brides and Grooms into their future together!


Saturday was spent doing just that, reviving the ancient old traditions of the wassail with the young people of the village.

Wassailing is an old tradition usually taking place on 17th of January or 'Old Twelvy ' as it was known in the past.

It involves a prosession of lantern carriers , banging drums and generally making as much noise as possible to wake up the woodland trees. The tradition has its roots in the south of England where the toast was made to the apple trees in the hope of a bountiful crop that year.

We spent the afternoon at Waingroves Community Centre with the children ( although I think the adults had just as much creative fun) making wicker and paper lanterns , decorated with brightly coloured tissue paper, to take on the procession later that night.


Everone gathered around the fire of vivid flames to hear woodland tales of the bear people told by .creeping toad' the woodland story maker.


Another great village event thanks to the members of The Waingroves Woodland Trust!

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